Our goal is to find solutions for our clients in a timely, cost-effective manner and let them stay focused on their work.

Our clients are our number one priority and we provide time saving and professional management services for businesses. Our corporate services are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Concierge Star can take care of all your corporate needs at your home base or when traveling for business purposes.

From personal shopping to arranging business travel and scheduling meetings, we take care of it all.

Why Concierge Star?

Why not?

With the help of our global network we can assist you with any multilingual services, if it is a conference call with your Italian business partners, creating your multilingual corporate brochure and website or you just need a personal interpreter at during your stay in Munich, this is the right place.

 What we offer and where?

We tailor-make services depending on your requirements. Anytime. Anywhere. Literally. From start to finish.

Do you have a corporate meeting to organize and you need assistance to plan it, find the location and invite all your attendees? + you need to organize their hotel stay? Do you need a virtual assistant?

We offer translation services in almost 100 different languages. If you have business documents which need to be translated, you are organizing an international event then Concierge Star can easily take care of all your multilingual service needs.

Who we help?

Large or small corporations, CEO’s, executives, VIP’s, all industries. What every your need, we are here.

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To learn more about the unique list of services that Concierge Star can offer you, or you if have any specific service request, please contact us.

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We are the best team that you should partner with if you want to expand and brand your product to a worldwide market. We offer tailor made services in 75 languages and more than 50 countries, such as:

  • Entertainment: reservations, tickets, recommendations, tee times
  • Travel: researching destinations, booking reservations, travel security assistance
  • Personal services: appointment making, gift shopping, gift baskets and flowers, virtual assistance
  • Coordinating VIP guest services and arrangements
  • Promotional and incentive materials
  • Referral service
  • Office rentals / leases


In addition to the value added benefits to clients and employees, Concierge Star offers corporate concierge programs that can be implemented in your organization anywhere in the world. From catered meetings to corporate fleet management, our specialists make your life easier by planning and coordinating every aspect of your business operations.

Executive retreats, employee benefits, customer loyalty programs, residential concierge programs, virtual assistance and much more are just some ways that Concierge Star can help.

No matter what your company’s needs might be, Concierge Star’s corporate concierge programs will offer the solution for you.

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